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After leaving New York and moving to Pennsylvania, I realized making clothes was the only alternative I had because I didn't like the clothing in the stores. I didn't want to be the kid wearing the same clothes as everyone else. For me, making items was a key part as to what made me stand apart from the rest.

As I made my way through college, I continued on my creative journey and started making items for other people. After graduating, I stopped making items and started to fall into the trend of buying items that everyone else had. But, at that point is when I realized that I lost my edge and had to go back to what I knew.
I have gotten back into the swing of things, but this time around I now have a better business sense and also the power of social networking. The first time around the it was a available source but you couldn't create the buzz for yourself like you can now with tools like Facebook and Twitter.

After many people "wanting" to help and several name changes, we now have Fly Credentials. The meaning behind the name is based on the fact that the term "fly" is misused and I believe in order to truely be "fly" that you have to have the total package meaning the look and the confidence to wear anything that you like. The second part of the name came about because to have credentials means that you have some type of background or history of doing something.

Starting in 2013, Mush, Fly Credentials Creator decided to go back to the roots of where he started which is making more handpainted key items. The feedback has been incredible and its much easier to express your creativiy.

My personal goal for this brand is to be able to show people that you can be the dopest thing in the room with out being the most expensive. Its all about how you carry yourself.

So whether its Gucci or a shirt from Walmart, if your persona is not in tact, no one really cares. So you tell us your fly, well we are checking credentials.

The Fly Credentials Brand Logo is a simple Sqaure, Triangle and Circle. Basically, it represents that sometimes you have to start with the basics in order to know where you're headed.